Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The King 2 Hearts (k-drama 2012)

  • Set in a fictional present day where South Korea is governed under a constitutional monarchy, “The King” tells the story of a prince from South Korea and North Korean Special Force instructor Kim Hang-Ah (Ha Ji-Won) who become husband & wife through an arranged marriage. They go through disturbances, but grow to love each other.

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dimensions: 800 x 450
version: 720p-KOR
file size: ~350 MB

Episode 01: E01MF1/2E01MF2/2 || E01DDLASUB || E01DDLA1/2E01DDLA2/2 - 720p [720p King]
~~~~~~~01: E01MF1/2E01MF2/2 || E01DDLASUB || E01DDLA1/2E01DDLA2/2 - 360p [720p resize]
Episode 02: E02MF1/2E02MF2/2 || E02DDLASUB || E02DDLA1/2E02DDLA2/2 - 720p [720p-KOR]
~~~~~~~02: E02MF1/2E02MF2/2 || E02DDLASUB || E02DDLA1/2E02DDLA2/2 - 360p [720p resize]
Episode 03: E03MF1/2, E03MF2/2 || E03DDLASUB || E03DDLA1/2, E03DDLA2/2
~~~~~~~03: E03MF1/2, E03MF2/2 || E03DDLASUB || E03DDLA1/2E03DDLA2/2

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Episode 04-20: Currently Airing

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  1. i watch streaming in the past gonna download and try watching.